Monday morning, coffee required

August 3rd, 2009 in The Best of the Rest

Coffee is such an important office commodity, it’s importance cannot be underestimated! Blinds 2go recently moved to larger premises and the one thing that everybody was excited about was the promise of a new coffee machine. We are now the proud owners of a bean to cup Delonghi EAM3200. And boy do we love that coffee. Some (nameless) person in the office broke the machine the other day and it had to be sent away to be repaired. The jar of Nescafe just wasn’t the same and productivity plummeted!

Here you are then; our machine, our bean supplier and the beans themselves (that we spill all over the kitchen). I won’t be so crass as to include a link to a coffee coloured blind, well maybe just a little one, please click here!

Delonghi ESAM3200Verde coffee - they supply our beansEspresso coffee beans

I found a funny little poem called ‘Coffee told me’ on the Cafe con Amor site. Yes we all love coffee, but as with all things maybe a little bit of moderation is called for?

Coffee Told Me

by Evan Hawkins

Coffee told me that it loved me

It woke me up in the morning
And kept me warm in the cold

Coffee told me that it loved me

It kept me company driving to Denver
And reminded me of all the names of my old acquaintances

Coffee told me that it loved me

It helped my nine to five go by faster
And it perked the mood of my house while selling it

Coffee told me that it loved me

It stained my teeth
And gave me an ulcer

Damn you coffee

As they say in Starbucks, “Have a great day!”.

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