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September 12th, 2019 in All About Blinds

Brand New Designer Styles

Our portfolio of designer collections is getting bigger and bigger and we’re not sure where we’re going to put them all! The latest name from the interior design world to add their unique style to the Blinds 2go range is MissPrint.

If you’re not sure who MissPrint are (seriously, where have you been), they started a little way back in 2005, when Blinds 2go was just reaching school age, and were founded by a mum and her daughter who passed the time making lampshades on their dining room tables.

MissPrint was founded in 2005 by a mother and daughter team

The team are all about keeping things simple and making sure your surroundings have a positive effect on your wellbeing. We like the sound of that!

This whimsical Little Trees pattern has plenty of charm

Each design starts out life as a hand-drawn illustration and, by using scale, colour and rhythm to full effect, evolves into a fun, modern and, most importantly, useable design for your home.

There are lots of influences that make up the MissPrint collection, stuff from all around the world, but Scandinavian and mid-century styling almost always shines through.

Pebbles Ladybird was inspired by British pathways

The new Blinds 2go collection is a curation of the best MissPrint has to offer and is available as a roller blind right now! You can have yours made to measure with a choice of lining options to give you incredible shading just the way you want it.

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