Two of a Kind – Matching Roof and Roller Blinds

September 19th, 2016 in All About Blinds

If you’ve taken a look at the Children’s Blinds section on the website recently, you may have noticed that it’s grown into a bright and beautiful range (not that it wasn’t already).

One of the biggest additions we made, was to the roller blinds collection. We took our best-selling roof blind designs (ones that our very talented duo of in-house designers created) and made them into cute blackout roller blinds too.

So which ones exactly have we added? Let’s take a look…

n-blue-clouds-36-roller-blind-1-2 n-rainbow-sky-36-roller-blind-1-2

n-drifting-skies-36-roller-blind-1-2 n-chalk-board-36-roller-blind-1-2

And their matching roof blind counterparts?

n-expressions-chalk-board-53-velux-ob-1-1 n-expressions-rainbow-sky-53-velux-ob-1-1

n-expressions-drifting-skies-53-velux-ob-1-1 n-expressions-blue-clouds-53-velux-ob-1-1

Browse the whole of the children’s collection, right here.

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