Fit For a King: Premium Velvet Curtains

November 8th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Let’s admit it, we all wish we were a little royal at times. We watch the Queen walking around, giving her tiny wave and think to ourselves what an easy job that must be. Then there’s her house(s)!

Grand and glorious, furnished to the highest standard, thick velvety curtains draping over windows and floor. If only that were us for the day…

So you may not have the biggest of homes, or your face on every banknote and coin in the Bank of England, but the one thing you can have is the curtains.

It may sound like it’s too easy, but time and time again people are learning the great difference you can make to your home with the change of curtains.

And what a great difference our Premium Velvet curtains make indeed.

With 6 luscious shades of regal beauty, these lustrous velvet curtains are thick and cossetting, helping you to block out the real world and retreat into your royal residence.



Discover what your home can be with a Premium Velvet curtain here:

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