Introducing Night & Day Duo Blinds

November 28th, 2017 in All About Blinds

We’re all about innovation and great ideas here at Blinds2Go! And now we’re happy to introduce the best of both worlds, all in one blind: Our new range of Night & Day Duo Pleated blinds.

Launched just this week, this brand new range of blinds is both stylish and very clever indeed.

So, you have a lovely bright window that gets lots of light and you don’t want any of that brightness being blocked out? But the room is overlooked so you can’t just have nothing there during the day… you need a voile blind! But wait, a voile is no good at night with the lights on. Perhaps it’s also a bedroom, in which case there ARE times when you need less light, a lot less; You need a blackout blind! Do you double-up and have two blinds? Sacrifice one or the other? Not necessarily…

Each Night & Day Duo blind has two cords and two fabrics, with a bar in the middle that connects the two. The top fabric is sheer, which will let light pour into the room but maintain daytime privacy. The bottom fabric is our fantastic DuoShade blackout fabric, which provides some of the best blackout quality available.

You can move the bar in the middle up and down with one of the cords to expand or contract either fabric. The other cord will raise the whole thing up from the bottom to completely uncover the window if you need to. Told you it was clever!

And don’t forget, just like the rest of our pleated blind creations the honeycomb design of these fabrics is incredibly thermally efficient, so this fantastic new range is arriving at the perfect time of the year too!

This introductory range contains a few simple and stylish colours that will both refresh and modernise your home beautifully and you can check them out here.

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