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April 6th, 2016 in All About Blinds

We still feel flattered when bloggers and companies get in touch, asking if we want to collaborate over a blog post, and we equally like to reach out to others and ask them to help us write. So when we saw a blogger newbie sent us a tweet sharing her gorgeous new blinds (with a gorgeous photo of course), we jumped at the chance and asked her to write a blog post for us.

And this is just the beginning. Today we’re exploring her bedroom, but we know that she plans on continuing through the rest of her home, so watch this space. Over to Georgina from Indoor Pursuits…


When we bought our Victorian flat in 2014, I instantly fell in love with the beautiful original windows (Seeing past the badly fitted curtains and the blinds weighed down with months of dust, which came with the house!).

The Main Bedroom Before

The Main Bedroom Before

After some serious deliberation, I had a vision of what I wanted; something classic, in keeping with the style of the building, that highlighted the windows but at the same time the solution needed to be practical, as the windows are all single glazed and BIG, and the breezy coastal air goes right through them. It goes without saying; I had very specific expectations regarding the colour and texture of the fabric (high maintenance – I know!).


We have quite simple style, letting the period features in the house do the talking, while adding in a modern twist of our own. I make similar choices with my furnishings, buying some things new and salvaging other bits from charity shops / eBay and markets. I like to think I’m ‘saving’ things by giving them a new life and presenting them in the best light I can and I feel a similar way about our house.


As you can imagine after forking out for our first home, we were on a budget, but this didn’t mean I had to compromise on my wish list at all. Our experience with Blinds 2go was brilliant. I ordered loads of fabric swatches from many companies and my favourite by far was the Berber Warm Grey, a lovely shade and texture and feels really good quality. We measured up the window using the guide on the website and I priced the blinds up expecting them to be out of our budget and was pleasantly surprised by how affordable they were! We were sold (taking advantage of the free thermal layer).

The Bedroom Window needed a touch of restoration before the blinds could be fitted.

The Bedroom Window needed a touch of restoration before the blinds could be fitted.

We were kept fully informed throughout the delivery process. They arrived with good installation instructions and only took us less than 20 minutes to install. I’m thrilled with the way they look and fit – but what has most impressed me is what a good job they do at keeping the drafts and cold out.


I’ve since ordered Roman blinds with the thermal layer in Berber Oatmeal for our living room and Berber Warm Grey for the second bedroom, and we are just as happy with these ones. Its safe to say we would definitely use blinds 2go for the rest of the house and also recommend them to our friends.


Written by Georgina Moule


Instagram: @indoorpursuits

Twitter: @indoorpursuits

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