How to dress a fireplace

October 28th, 2009 in Home Improvement

If you’re lucky you will have a fireplace somewhere in your home. The fireplace and its mantelpiece is bound to be the focal point of the room (unless of course your TV is massive).

It’s the perfect place to display your favourite objects, whether they be ornaments, pictures or knick knacks. I do think that the top of the mantelpiece is the one place where clutter and life should run amok.

Hanging a mirror above the fireplace is always popular, reflecting and bouncing light around the room. Please enjoy these fireplaces and ignore my comments if you don’t agree!

Girly fireplaceKeep it girly with candles, flowers and vintage knick knacks

Brick fireplaceLove all these candles, maybe lose the uninspiring vase and tulips

Mirror fireplaceWow, I love everything about this shot except the mirrors!

Elegant fireplaceCo ordinated elegance, loving the bits and pieces but I can take or leave the symmetry

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