How to dress a bed

July 14th, 2009 in Home Improvement

Is your bedroom feeling a little unloved? Mine was for years, but a quick lick of paint (intense truffle by Dulux) and my bedroom was transformed into a boudoir! I now take quite a lot of pride in making the bed each day and ‘dressing’ it with my throw and cushions.

It’s not sometimes till you go to a hotel and slip into clean, freshly laundered linen that you realise that your bedding at home leaves a little to be desired. I can still remember renting a cottage years ago, the bed was just amazing, there were lots of feather pillows, a massively thick duvet and all dressed in crisp white cotton. Let me see if I can inspire you to re-vamp your bed, or just add a couple of little touches to make it special. We can all do boutique hotel you know!

Crsip white with green accent



Beautiful bed 2Eclectic bed

There are so many ways to make your bed look special and oh so inviting. A bedspread or throw can add real pizzazz and is also eminently practical on a colder night. As with all bed accessories choose to either complement your bedding or contrast entirely either in colour, style or texture. I just love the mixture above of blue and hot orange. Did the unusual table lamp come first or the bedding?

Cushions are pretty much essential in dressing an otherwise naked bed. Here you can really go to town with outrageous designs. How fantastic would bright florals look in an otherwise white scheme, checks against swirls or rough tapestry against soft linen? Cushions on your bed don’t suffer the same wear and tear as the ones on your sofa. Really go to town with intricate detailing such as beading and fringes.

 Michele Varian Boho Charmeuse Silk & Sequin CushionLinea spring blossomClarissa Hulse Patchwork Cushion Range

Central parkRibbon plum throwMimosa Plum Cushion

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