How To Clean Your Blinds

September 2nd, 2020 in All About Blinds

A blind is an investment for your home, and you want it to look as chic and stylish as possible for as long as possible. To keep your blinds in perfect condition, we have tips that are quick, easy and will ensure the very best treatment when it comes to cleaning blinds.  

How to clean Roman blinds

One of our most popular styles, our Roman blinds are available in contemporary colours, beautiful fabrics and wonderful patterns – there’s a lot to choose from! If you want to make sure your lovely window dressing stays looking as good as new, here are a few tricks to help.

In most cases, the easiest way to freshen up your Roman blind at home is with a vacuum with a brush attached, then a quick spray of fabric refresher for that fresh finish. For small marks, wiping your blind down with a wet wipe may be your best option, it’s quick, simple and won’t leave watermarks on the fabric.

For a more thorough clean, dry cleaning may be a good idea, as no matter what material they’re made out of they’ll always be taken care of the right way. They’re straightforward to remove for cleaning too, as the fabric is connected to the headrail using Velcro strips, so can easily be separated to clean.

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How to clean roller blinds

Roller blinds are a smart choice for the modern home for the simple reason; they’re easy to maintain. Whether they’re polyester or PVC, dusting with a dry cloth regularly will help to keep them in excellent condition. For other marks, biodegradable baby wipes will do the trick quite nicely! They’re damp enough to wash roller blinds thoroughly without leaving any marks and what’s more, they don’t use any harmful substances that can damage or stain the fabric, making them a very smart choice! However, if you have a damp cloth to hand, that will be just as good too.

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How to clean vertical blinds

One of the simplest ways to clean vertical blinds at home and keep them in great condition for longer, is by dusting them on a regular basis. It’s best to use a feather duster or a quick vacuum for this.

If your blind is small enough, you can remove the louvres to clean them. You’ll just need a large flat surface and a wet wipe, just gently wipe them over, both sides without pressing down too hard. Clean them down with a dry towel before rehanging them.

For a more thorough clean, once you have removed the louvres, simply soak them in a bath tub with warm water and a very mild detergent to wash them. The real trick is pop the weights back in and hang them on a washing line to drip dry, this will ensure they don’t crease and can be placed back on the rail, with no ironing needed! They’ll look as good as new.

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How to clean wooden blinds

If a light clean is all your wooden blinds need, a feather duster or dry cloth will do the trick! Simply tilt the slats so they’re closed and give them a light dust, before tilting the slats the opposite way and repeating the process.

To further enhance the finish, use some furniture polish and a lint free cloth. Set the slats to the open position, spray with polish, then wrap the cloth around a stiff object that fits between the slats, then you will easily be able to polish the underside of the slat above and the topside of the slat below at the same time.

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How to clean faux wood blinds

For washing faux wood blinds, the process is a little easier as our wood impression range is not susceptible to water damage and can be enjoyed in challenging environments, such as kitchen and bathrooms. Again, for dusty blinds, a dry cloth or feather duster is all your need, for the more stubborn stains, use warm water and a cloth with a small amount of detergent and give them a good wipe over. The robust design means they’re waterproof and durable, so cleaning faux wood blinds takes no time at all and a quick dust and wipe down can make all the difference.

How to clean Venetian blinds

For Venetian blinds, there are a couple of ways to make sure they’re in the best shape. For a light clean, gently vacuum or use a feather duster along the slats when closed, repeating the process when tilted the opposite way. An alternative of this is to use a vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment to make it look as good as new!

For a slightly deeper clean, carefully take down your Venetian blind and pop it in the bath. Washing Venetian Blinds this way is a great technique to remove slightly stubborn marks on the slats. Simply immerse in warm soapy water, leave to soak for about half an hour before giving it a gentle scrub with a brush. Once you have finished, rinse off any remaining suds and let it drip dry, before wiping down with a towel and hanging your Venetian blinds back up.

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How to clean pleated blinds

When it comes to cleaning pleated blinds, in most cases all you need is a light clean, close them and with a brush attachment on a vacuum, gently go over the blinds for a quick and easy clean without risking any damage to the pleats.

If you have more stubborn marks, use warm water and a soft cloth to wipe them down. It’s best to use a damp cloth in order for the smart honeycomb design to retain its shape. If the blind is damp when you are done, simply raise the blind fully to the top of the window and leave it there for a few hours to ensure you have perfect pleats once it’s lowered back into position.

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