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May 4th, 2016 in All About Blinds

Blogs are the new magazines, right? We keep up on the latest happenings and ideas from our favourite bloggers, as since they’re people not publications, they feel a little more personal.

That’s what we love about Lucy Gough’s blog. And as well as being personal, she has a whole wealth of experience behind her in the interior design world. She’s stylist to some of our favourite home design magazines and homeware stores.


Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

Now being an interior stylist, Lucy gets to play with some of the most prestigious pieces and designers on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know where to save the pennies when it’s best to.

And that’s why we think Ms Gough chose Blinds 2go as her retailer of choice when making over the kitchen.

After all, what’s the point of paying over the odds for a plain grey roller blind when you can get a beautifully made to measure one at a great price?


Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

So let’s take a look into the gorgeous makeover…

Now you’ve seen the after, take a step back and be amazed how the kitchen looked before. It’s barely recognisable! Lucy definitely made the right decision to get rid of those ‘retro’ tiles.


Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog


Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

We won’t bore you with the details, what Lucy chose and how she did. It’s best if you read it in Lucy’s own words and really appreciate her decisions, so head on over to the original blog post right here.

We love this makeover, not only because it’s super stylish, but because it’s simple too. It’s achievable and whilst the transformation is breath-taking, it doesn’t seem daunting. The mixing of tones is fantastic. We know all about monochrome, but never thought to add dark blues, greys and browns to the mix to add that extra bit of personality.


Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

We know Lucy’s in the know here with her window dressing choice because Roller blinds are fantastic for a kitchen! Roll them up and let the light flood in, just as Lucy has, roll them down and douse the room in colour, or have them anywhere in between.

Best of all, lots of our roller blind fabrics have some moisture resistant properties, whilst our Ocean range is 100% waterproof, making them perfect if your window is above the sink.

Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

Photo: Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

If you’re feeling inspired by Lucy and her style, you can check out our cool mix of grey roller blinds right here-

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