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February 10th, 2015 in Home Improvement

As the days start to get lighter and the sun stays out a little longer, there’s only one thing on our minds – the summer.

It’s hardly new news that here in Britain our summer tends to get jam packed into just a matter of weeks, before the autumnal storms make their way over. But we’ve spotted a hot new trend that will have you sipping pina coladas all year round!

Tropical leaves in varying shades of green are filling up almost every Spring ideas book we’ve got stacked on the desk, and we love it!

Over the years, the leaves and patterns have been getting bigger and bolder, and this year’s take on Tropical is a particular fave, especially thanks to it’s unisex appeal. So here’s how to inject some scorching design into your home.




Armchairs have long been a fun way to get colour and pattern into your living room. Team with olive or fern colour sofas for a casual room, or try fixing with other patterns in a conservatory. We particularly love these chairs from Marks and Spencer and House of Hackney – plus you can get matching sofas for a continued look.

Plants and Flowers

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The easiest way to add a tropical look to your home is with exotic plants and flowers. Whether you go for real-life or artificial, they will add a touch of class to your home, and are sure to get your guests talking. Next and John Lewis have simple yet beautiful arrangements, but you can arrange your own thanks to stores like Hobbycraft, making them unique and personal. If you’re opting to get crafty, then this Laura Ashley vase will showcase them elegantly.


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Add a fresh touch to your morning routine with bright, colourful bathroom accessories. Use a ceramic hand soap dispenser for a decadent feel, such as this one from House of Hackney, and a stunning vanity bag to keep all of your potions and lotions (we love this one from Laura Ashley ). Finish the look with a waterproof blind (like this one from Tuiss) and you’ll leave the house feeling as fresh as a daisy.


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As the nights get longer and warmer, we love to head into the garden for meals, and tableware like these from Laura Ashley and Marks and Spencer will bring you closer to nature. An acrylic salad bowl is a must for the summer months, whilst pretty porcelain plates add all the decoration you need to your table.



We must admit, we are very very fond of House of Hackney’s entire collection (it might just be our new favourite store) but we are just besotted with this Dressing Screen and Table Lamp. The Dressing screen has a sense of ‘The Great Gatsby’ whilst the Pineapple Table Lamp is fun and charming, making us want to do the Agadoo.

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