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January 25th, 2015 in Home Improvement

New Year is a time for new starts – we all say it and many of us stick to it, it’s new year so it’s time for a new us… But what about a new home?

We don’t mean relocating to a new house – just changing a few things here and there to create a new feeling that is both up-to-date and very, very trendy.

Sound like something you fancy doing? We’re bringing you a series of blog posts this month featuring all the hot trends for 2015 to see if there’s anything that really takes your fancy!



We should warn you that we are going to be a little biased about this oh so royal shade because, in case you haven’t read this before, we are pretty passionate about purple here at Blinds 2go!

Personal preference aside, we’ve loved delving into the depths of the interior world, looking up some of the smartest and most inspiring ideas on how to inject a little purple passion into your home this year.



When it comes to adding a touch of purple to your bedroom, bedding is an excellent way to make a bright and beautiful statement in your room.

We loved this purple peacock design so much because of the gorgeous accenting cushion covers that help add a touch of further detailing and depth to the bedsheets.

Fairy Lights


Traditionally thought of as a more festive accessory, fairy lights can find their way into your every day decor with surprising ease – imagine wrapping them around a wrought iron bed frame or popping them in a stylish glass vase for both light and decoration.

Using purple lights will not only add a dainty and delicate touch to your home, it will also bathe your room in a magical, ethereal glow that will be perfect mood lighting.



The beauty of vases is that they are multifunctional – you can use them for their traditional purpose of displaying flowers or, if you’re lacking in admirers or suffer from allergies, using them as decorations around the house is also a great idea.

Although purple glass is a stylish choice, we just adored these painted ceramic vases – the bold colouring would be sure to add a great contrast to your home.

Dining Chairs


Whether you have a full sized dining room or just a corner of the kitchen that you like to sit together to eat in, you can use purple to add a touch of colour and sass to your home without having to fully redecorate.

Take the picture above for example, the room is quite large and airy and wouldn’t benefit from a rich purple shaded paint job – that’s where the stunning dining chairs come into effect!

Blinds and Curtains


When it comes to adding a soft, sumptuous and sophisticated finish to your room there’s no need to panic – we’ve got you covered.

This Chenille Mulberry roman blind takes a luxurious material and combines it effortlessly with a practical design while the stunning texture on these Dupioni Faux Silk curtains will add just enough detailing to your home without overpowering your interior.



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