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January 18th, 2015 in Home Improvement

New Year is a time for new starts – we all say it and many of us stick to it, it’s new year so it’s time for a new us… But what about a new home?

We don’t mean relocating to a new house – just changing a few things here and there to create a new feeling that is both up-to-date and very, very trendy.

Sound like something you fancy doing? We’re bringing you a series of blog posts this month featuring all the hot trends for 2015 to see if there’s anything that really takes your fancy!

Citrus Shades


Bright and brilliant, decorating your home with vibrant and vivid shades is both a great way to add a modern touch to your decor as well as bringing a sense of fun and funkiness to your home.

From bold statement walls, bright and blocky furnishings and window dressings that make you go wow to homewares, kitchenwares and accessories that add a bright blast without overpowering your decor, citrus shades are sure to add a breath of fresh air to your home this year.

Shower Curtain


Adding a flash of bright colour to your bathroom is always a great idea and what better way to do it than with a perfectly practical shower curtain?

Even better? You can add to the colour scheme using your lotions and potions – buying bubblebath, towels, shampoo, toothbrushes and body lotion in similar vibrant shades!



Did anybody look at the room above and not think “WOW!” ?

Why not take a step further than one statement wall and go for the whole lot – a great solution for brightening up a smaller room that has a grim or dingy feel to it.



The traditional choice when it comes to citrus shades, brightly coloured kitchenwares can help add a fun and interesting touch to a practical and stylish room.

Greens and yellows tend to look most at home, adding an exotic touch to your decor.



If painting or pasting is not your forte, you can accessorise your home in bright coloured furnishings instead!

Not only a great way to ensure that your love of vibrant decor travels with you wherever you go, it’s also a brilliant way to add a touch of fun and funkiness to your home.

Blinds and Curtains


If you’re looking to add a more subtle citrus touch to your room, you can always turn to yours truly and take a look at some of the brilliantly bright designs we have to offer.

Our Citrus Squeeze Cyan roller blind takes the fruity theme and runs with it while these sumptuous Deauville Watermelon curtains rely on sophisticated stripes that boast exotic colours that are sure to remind you of a fruit salad.

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