Hot Off The Press: London Chic

July 29th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Wow. Oh wow. The stack of magazines we’re featured in is stacking up nicely, we’re finding it hard to keep up.

This week’s Hot Off The Press features a stunning reader’s home in Your Home magazine, and we’re remarkably jealous!

Karen Dammone has created the most London chic and coherent contemporary flat and it looks utterly gorgeous thanks to all of the light streaming in of her Blinds 2go Pure White wooden blinds. Light  fills every part of this flat and she really makes it work for her, despite it being so small. We’re not too surprised though, she is an interior designer after all.


The flat is not only super suave, but its multifunctional too. Karen stays in it when she’s visiting London, her husband uses it when he’s working in the City and their daughter Harriet is currently using it as a pad to crash in whilst she’s studying nearby. The most incredible thing is that it’s a space that fits the styles and needs of all three of them.

If you’re interested in and want to take a closer look at Karen’s work, her Houzz account and website have plenty of projects that she’s completed, as well as snippets on her twitter.


If you want to take a leaf out of Karen’s book and seize the light of day with beautiful wooden blinds, take a look at the collection today here and reimagine your home with more light than ever before.


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