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November 10th, 2015 in All About Blinds

We have to admit that we do enjoy finding our gorgeous blinds in the nation’s hottest magazines month on month. In fact, we’re getting somewhat overwhelmed. And when you get to see them take pride of place in someone’s home, it’s even better! Sometime we get completely inundated with them that they fall to the bottom of the pile, not be rediscovered until months down the line (that’s now).

But we’re still completely in love with this; a lovely 9 page spread in the April 2015 edition of Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine. The piece shows the remodeling of a small flat in the affluent suburb of Brondesbury, North London, by interior architect Lisa Ryde.

Lisa has created the look with our Pure White & Oyster Wooden Blind with Tapes throughout the space, using 3 to frame the bay window and a fourth in the master bedroom.

When asked about her vision for the master bedroom, Ryde says she chose to make the window the focal point of the room, thanks to the leafy view outside and,

The view dictated the position of the bed, and I added a Venetian blind to filter the light. The neutral colour scheme is relaxing and conducive to a good night’s sleep.”  (KBB Magazine, Issue 259)

We love how she has stretched the scheme the whole way through the flat, using the same blinds and colour palette throughout, as well as clearly having excellent taste.

With styles to fit every colour scheme, budget and style, you can create your own first-class home too with Blinds 2go. Shop the look now:

If you’d like more inspiration on how to create a sweet place to rest your head, take a look at our Guide to Bedroom Blinds and find your signature look.

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