High Street to Home: Coffee Tables

February 15th, 2015 in Home Improvement

Here at Blinds2Go, we love to celebrate all that the high street has to offer. In the ‘High Street to Home’ series, we’ll be giving you our top ten picks from the High Street, providing you with all the inspiration you need to fix up your home.

When thinking of a coffee table, it needn’t just be a short, stubby structure. Designers are pushing the mark on what makes a modern coffee table, taking everything from material, shape, storage and size into consideration.

We’ve scoured the stores for our top ten Coffee Tables.

10. Oval Matt Coffee Table


Kicking of the countdown, we have this uber-trendy table from Dwell.  Constructed with a high gloss finish, it has a smooth, ultra sleek design. We love the alternative shape with this one, adding artistic yet futuristic vibes to your living room.

9. V Plus Coffee Table from Baker and Stonehouse


Welcome to the space age with this super sleek, contrasting coffee table. Multiple layers give you plenty of storage space, or leave them bare, allowing you to marvel in all their beauty.

8. Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Large Coffee Table


You won’t struggle looking for space for your telly mags with this table. The smooth solid Oak is perfectly polished, whilst the curved underlip adds an extra softening touch.

7. Portobello Trestle Coffee Table from Tesco


We love this rustic inspired table from Tesco. It’s delicate yet robust and reminds us a little the lap trays we used to use. It may not have any storage space underneath but what it lacks in that, it makes up for in style.

6. Corby Walnut Coffee Table from BHS

3773997_a (2)

We like this coffee table because it’s nothing more than beautifully crafted Walnut finished wood. It’s strong and powerful, but can easily be brightened up for a stupendous home.

5. Oslo 2 Drawer Coffee Table from Tesco


Every home needs a ‘man drawer’ and we believe that this stylish Oslo Coffee Table is the perfect place for it. This table is great for a busy family home, with plenty of storage inside.

4. Natuzzi Samuel from Barker and Stonehouse


City chic has never been so defined than with this art deco coffee table from Barker and Stonehouse. The pine veneer table is elegant whilst the lacquered feature can be positioned to fit your living space, creating extra surfaces when you have guests.

3. Hartford Painted Coffee Table from Next


We love this country coffee table from Next. The simple colour scheme works beautifully within neutral settings, whilst it hosts a multitude of storage solutions. You won’t find yourself short of space for all your niknaks.

2. Content by Conran Counterbalance Coffee Table from John Lewis


This coffee table looks as if it’s just come out of the Tate and into our homes. It’s artistic and sophisticated. The table is very urban, but we can also see the kids using it as a race track for their toys.

1. Liatorp Coffee Table from Ikea


The Liatorp Coffee Table has topped our list for many reasons. Firstly, the shape is just impeccable. The legs are streamlined to keep it quaint. Secondly, the finish is smooth and polished, perfect for an intricate interior design. Finally, we move onto the storage. The shelf has bags of space. But the most impressive part, is the display drawer. The table is topped with a glass, making it perfect to exhibit some of your most prized possessions.

So there you have it, 10 of our favourite tables from the high-street.

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