Happy Anniversary Curtains 2go!

April 19th, 2016 in All About Blinds

This week celebrates the anniversary of Curtains 2go getting it’s own website, www.curtains-2go.co.uk. I know, innovative name, right?

Whilst it may not be as impressive as say launching Blinds 2go, it marks an important milestone in the history of the company.

So why did Curtains 2go get its own website?

The main reason behind the change was that we had so many beautiful fabrics, we felt it deserved it. And it gave us a lot of more space to separate the fabrics into different categories, making it easier for you guys to find exactly what you wanted.

c2g-hp-neutrals c2g-hp-silks

Is Curtains-2go.co.uk just curtains then?

No, most of our fabrics have matching tiebacks and/or cushions available too. And to save you having to search through thousands of products for the ones that match, we made sure they’re only on the page of your curtains, just underneath the photos.


Has the website changed much since it launched?

Absolutely! When we made over the Blinds 2go website a few months ago, curtains got a small makeover too. We made it easier to switch between the two sites and made it clearer where the fabric was available as both blinds and curtains.

Curtains 2go Website Now

Curtains 2go Website Now

Curtains 2go Website in 2013

Curtains 2go Website in 2013. What a difference a few years makes.

What’s next?

Curtains 2go is still in the middle of it’s makeover. We’re creating better collections, taking better pictures and making it just as beautiful and easy to use as Blinds 2go!

Watch this space…

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