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March 1st, 2015 in Home Improvement

Here at Blinds2Go, we love to celebrate all that the high street has to offer. In our ‘High Street to Home’ series, we’ll be giving you our top picks from the High Street, providing you with all the inspiration you need to fix up your home, for less.

When it comes to illuminating your home, there’s many shapes and sizes to choose from, and finding the right light for your room can be hard.
Do you go for pendant lighting? Chandelier? Spotlights? Fairy Lights? Table Lamp? The list just goes on!

We’ve found a collection of floor lamps to suit every taste in your home, and where abouts you can find them.

10. Lights By B&Q Cargo Wood Floor Lamp


To kick off the collection, we’ve chosen this smart and simple floor lamp with a smooth wooden base. The lamp boasts a small section which can be used for storage, for a beautiful ornament or a few decorative books, in which to tie it in with the rest of your decor.

9. Silk Cord Drum Floor Light from Dwell


This monster of a lamp might look rather scary, but there’s no need to be afraid. The curved arm can be repositioned, giving you a fully illuminated room when you need it and a powerful spotlight when you’re in search of that instead. We’d say, however, steer clear of this design if you don’t have a clear-cut industrially styled contemporary home as it can easily look out-of-place and take over the room.

8.  LiteCraft Octi 3 Light Floor Lamp from Debenhams


This floor lamp from Debenhams is full of grace and style with its beautiful curving arms, reaching towards perfectly proportioned buds of light. This lamp is perfect if you want to create an even sprinkling of light over a room, without any harsh sources, creating a cosy yet modern look.

7. Sirit Rattan Floor Lamp from Argos


Add a bohemian vibe to our natural scheme with this Rattan floor lamp. The dark wood casing softens and breaks up the light, so it won’t detract too much away from the rest of your decor. If you have a lovely pastel or brightly coloured shade present in the room, we’d be tempted to embellish the cage with soft faux florals or coloured piping around random strands for a coherent and jazzy look.

6. Hirst Black Chromed Metal Floor Lamp by Habitat


We love the sheer simplicity of this lamp. It doesn’t try too hard to be fresh and funky, because it doesn’t need to. There’s no doubt that this lamp belongs in a room furnished with darker woods and materials, but in terms of themes it works equally as well with both soft textures and hard surfaces.

 5. Verity Floor Lamp from BHS


Sometimes Chandeliers can be seen as being too Hoity-Toity and people are afraid that they don’t fit in their homes. We think we’ve found the solution for people who want to glam up without the gabble. This floor lamp is simply gorgeous, showcasing light in all it’s glory! Whether you have a sumptuously dark theme, or a delicately classy style, this lamp is sure to ramp up the razzmatazz.

4. Skye Twist Lantern Floor Lamp from Dunelm Mill


We like this floor lamp from Dunelm Mill as it’s so unique, compared to anything else out there today. Standing at only 70cm in height, it’s the equivalent of the ottoman as a seating choice. We can imagine this lamp working in a whole host of homes, from modern contemporary to rustic and retro. It’s sweet and you could even line a few of these up for bigger impact.

3. Hanbury Plum Floor Lamp from Next


Most of the floor lamps on the high-street are quite ‘samey’. Same tones, same style, just a slightly different shape – they all evolve from one another. We like this lamp as the breath of fresh air that it is. Okay, so the stand and base may be the same chrome colour as every other lamp out there, but then it does something unexpected on top. The collection of plum and rose shades are not something you see everyday, and not something you usually see working together. And the bell-shaped shades look sophisticated yet fun and exuberant. The colours even make it easy to sit within a beautiful vintage/retro interior design.

2. Linea Cage Tripod Floor Lamp from House of Fraser


Tripod floor lights have gained a lot of popularity over the last year or two, thanks to a huge revival of the vintage Hollywood scene. We chose this one over the more popular tripod lamps as we feel it offers something more. It’s more than just a mere replica of history, but more of an evolutionary piece. We love that it takes a smaller halogen bulb inside a larger case, so you will always get this impressive bulb look constantly. It’s powerful and seductive, perfect for any restoration theme.

1. Ike Floor Lamp from BHS 

1BHS 3Next

Last but not least, we have this ‘3-tier’ lamp from BHS. Here at B2G, we love things that are playful and quirky, but we also love that this lamp is all that as well as being soft and functional. The three bulbs help to illuminate your room fully, funneling through the shades in different directions, whilst the grey felt fabric helps to offer a home that’s mellow and stylish.  We’d love to team this with a dark velvet seating arrangement to create a dark and moody space, but it works equally as well with muted tones.

So there you have it. 10 Floor Lamps from the high-street, for your home.

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We always love hearing from our readers and love even more to give you plenty of what you want. If there’s a particular item or theme that you’re struggling to pick and want some inspiration, drop us a line in the comment box and we’ll try our very best to help you out.

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