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December 14th, 2016 in Customer Homes

With Christmas just around the corner, we know that the house can start to feel overrun with boxes and parcels. So we’ve enlisted the help of Hartleys Bedrooms who specialise in bespoke furniture, made for you.

Without further ado, we’re passing over the reigns today to the lovely Sara from Hartleys Bedrooms

How To Combat Clutter In Your Home

As much as we love Christmas, it’s hardly a walk in the park. We’re always baffled by the sheer levels of stuff we accumulate at this time of year. Suddenly, your house has reached bursting point as you try to incorporate new belongings into your current setup.

That is unless you think of clever ways to re-organise your interior. The fight against clutter can be managed by a few smart storage items, and a general strategy for clearing up any festive leftovers…

Think long term


Not everything we buy, it’s fair to say, has the same longevity. A new picture frame might have looked great when you bought it, but does it really tie in with your current décor? Impulse purchases are the bane of a tidy home, as they snowball steadily in drawers, shelves and cupboards until your useful possessions have nowhere to go.

This is where a little honesty can go a long way. Have you used it recently? If not, do you genuinely believe you will over the coming year? Toss anything that lands in the ‘no’ camp. So rather than investing in storage to hoard away clutter, you can focus on things that truly need a home.

Create dedicated storage areas

A good sort out should result in deciding what goes where. Moving through each room, mentally label what you find: these categories could include office essentials like pens and Sellotape, whereas others can take in larger items, such as shoes and coats.


By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how all of your things fit together. In doing so, you can identify what categories should live where, and how to solve your current storage shortage.


Could you benefit from a bed that has drawers underneath to stow away spare bedding? Or is your home office lacking a few extra shelves that can keep your books organised but easily accessible? Think carefully about where your money will be best spent when investing in furniture for key rooms of the house.

Fitted furnishing solutions

Free-standing furniture has its merits, but slotting new items into your existing layout can be tricky, especially in ‘cosier’ rooms. Where storage is concerned, fitted furniture carries many benefits. Tailored units make the most of what you have; wardrobes, shelves and overhead cupboards are welded to the exact limits of your interior, and the items that you intend to store within them.


It’s quite astonishing what can be done with low ceilings or arches, as fitted rooms don’t restrict large storage pieces – like a sliding wardrobe covering one wall of a guest bedroom – from working their magic.

Many of our homes become a little higgledy-piggledy over the Christmas period. However, addressing clutter head-on, and taking steps to prevent it, will help you start 2017 with a tidy house and tidy mind.


Our trusted furnishing partner, Hartleys Bedrooms, can get that New Year makeover off to a great start, so be sure to contact them for smart, stylish room design. They share our own beliefs in making the made to measure easy and we’re exciting to have collaborated with them here on the blog.

Check out their blog posts for more tips on how to keep your home neat and tidy, even in the busiest time of year.

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