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September 7th, 2014 in The Best of the Rest

Do you have little ones that are afraid of the dark? Is our blackout blind working so well that you fall over every time you try to make your way to the toilet in the middle of the night? Do you like fun, quirky decor ideas?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a resounding yes, then we have the ideal solution for you…

Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

Does the idea sound a little cheesy to you? Don’t fret – the designs we found on are fun and elegant and they’ll certainly add a unique and interesting appeal to your room.


How’s this for a bright idea? Although we love the placement illustrated in the image – how frustrating is it when you can’t find your light switch in the dark? – we really think that this sticker could come into it’s own being stuck above a bed as proof that some of the best ideas come to us in our dreams.



Imagine literally (in a metaphorical sense) reading by moonlight. What a great way to avoid those nighttime arguments about whether the light stays on or off when one of you is ready to sleep and the other just needs to get to the end of the next chapter.



This is certainly one of the more classy options available. Why splash out on a full blown diamond chandelier when you can stick one as beautiful and practical as this to your wall? We think this would work especially well in a girls bedroom to help keep the darkness at bay and show her off as the princess she really is!

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