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July 6th, 2014 in Home Improvement

If I’m honest, buying shoes is definitely one of my vices. I don’t care that I can only wear two at a time, I still need a huge selection to choose from!

The main problem I find with my shoes is finding somewhere to keep them. We have a dedicated cupboard by the front door, but that’s where all our every day shoes and trainers are kept- it’s really not the right place to leave your party shoes. I tried keeping them in their shoeboxes in the bottom of my wardrobe, but that resulted in pandemonium as I had to dig through them all every time I wanted a different pair of shoes.

Once again, I took to the internet for some inspiration and was blown away by some of the great ideas!

Flat Shoes


Stop those flats getting squashed out of shape and lost at the bottom of the pile with these great storage bags. Not only are they compact and easy to store in your wardrobe or under your bed, they also have a clear plastic cover so you can easily see the shoes inside and avoid rummaging through every shoe box you own! What’s even better is that they can be found at a bargain price on eBay.


If you prefer to try your hand at something a little more crafty, you can give these cute little hangers a try. Just fit a pole low down in a wardrobe or closet and slot your flat shoes on these hangers, hanging them together in their pairs, nice and neat and out of the way. You can take a look at the how-to instructions right here.

Heeled Shoes


For your heels, you can try using a moulded wall border or trim, glued to your wall. You can find some lovely decorative trims to make sure that it’s appealing and, of course, your able to paint them any colour you want to to make sure they they match the decor. Then it’s just a simple case of balancing the heels of the shoe on top of the trim and watching as they stay in place perfectly!


One of the quirkiest solutions I found was this- up cycling a ladder and using the rungs themselves, holding the heel of the shoe in place and letting it drape over gracefully. Not only is this a great way to up cycle, you can also use it to add to the decor of your room- giving the room a shabby chic feel.

So there you have it, a few great ideas to help you get your shoes organised 🙂

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