Friday Feeling: Bring out your inner geek and throw a Windows 7 party

October 2nd, 2009 in The Best of the Rest

Mark the date, October 22nd 2009 is when you get to unleash your inner geek and throw a Windows 7 party. That’s right I said a Windows 7 party!

Now I’m as geeky as the next guy, started with Windows 3.0 and can still remember the intense excitement I felt when Windows 3.11 for workgroups came out, but this is going a bit far. Opinion seems to be that the mere idea of throwing a party to “celebrate” the release of a new operating system is simply sad. I have to agree but maybe it is a sign of old age and needing to get out more but the idea sort of appeals to me. Of course I mean in an ironic, post-modern way 🙂

So in for a penny in for a pound…we will be throwing our own Blinds 2go Windows 7 party on October 22nd because after all we are in the Windows game too. Us elderly folk can enchant the youngsters with tales of the olden days when all we had was an abacus and a pencil…..if you were lucky.

Take a look at this video from Microsoft for some ideas presented in the cheesiest way possible!

And one last thing, our Mac users have asked me to remind you all that using a Mac is like having a party every single day.

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