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July 17th, 2009 in The Best of the Rest

Some of the folk here at Blinds 2go seem to think that their Friday boxing session is a ‘Friday feeling’ type thing. So here you go….. and I welcome your captions!

All of the action takes place in our office gym, one of the (many) perks of working at Blinds 2go.  With [almost] everything at Blinds 2go there is always a serious side to our fun, in this case we find that the boxing is a very effective team building tool. It’s really quite remarkable how people learn to get along when they are trying to beat the stuffing out of each other, and if truth be told a few little office “disputes” tend to get settled on a Friday rather than linger on. Don’t get the wrong idea though, nobody gets hurt and if anybody goes a little too far then John (our boxing trainer) tends to have a “quiet” word. All in all great fun and highly recommended.

Really looking forward to your captions and comments! (I’ve kept my captions very tame, I wouldn’t want to steal your thunder!)

(I promise that non-sweaty gorgeous things will be back on the agenda next week.)

Toni getting ready for action

Mark in a lather

Myles and Byron having a skip

Myles and Byron having a spar

Gwen in a side plank

Teamwork with Andrew and Gwen

This is John our trainer, a great guy who puts the team through their paces. If you are based in Nottingham we would highly recommend him to other companies looking for some new ideas on team building. He also offers one on one training for those of us looking to get fitter, you can find more details at his site Ultra Boxing.

Also John has a fairly new blog of his own so please visit The Boxing Professor for boxing reviews, views and tips.


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