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October 27th, 2016 in All About Blinds

First things first.. Today’s blog post is a little more lengthy than usual, so before we start, grab a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. Don’t worry, it’s not boring dribble. Think more of a nosey insight into the wonderful Scion Living collection and maybe we’ll tell you about some great exclusive designs… Ready?

Here at Blinds 2go, our team of designers work hard to source and create the nicest fabrics, the trendiest patterns and best designs. This means they have to show their friendly side and build everlasting relationships with suppliers and more recently, designer brands.


Last year, we teamed up with Scion to help further their Scion Living line, which focuses on creating products that are accessible to everyone.  And with this collaboration, a beautiful friendship formed. Our Scion Living range is bigger and better than ever before, and we’ve even got a few styles that are pretty unique to us. You (currently) won’t be able to find anything similar, anywhere else.

Now, it is worth noting that all of the Scion Living by Blinds 2go fabrics are pretty exclusive, even if there’s something similar available elsewhere. This is because even though we work very closely with Scion’s design team to colour match our palette to their fabrics, we use different techniques and different base fabrics, so the results will vary. (So it’s worth noting that it’s still important to get your free sample, even if you have Scion fabric from somewhere else)


There are a few designs where we’ve worked with Scion to create a whole new colour palette (see Anneke Linen), where we’ve played with the scales (Mr Fox Mini for example), or even playing around with fabrics (check out Splash Whale of a Time). But we’ve taken it one step further with our latest collection update.

n-mr-fox-mini-rose-36-roller-blind-1 n-splash-whale-of-a-time-slate-36-roller-blind-1

The Malva and Tocca designs are even more special than that! If you have a look around Scion, John Lewis, Brewers Home, Amara etc, you’ll find that these patterns are only available as wallpaper. Go on, google it. No cushions, bedding, egg-cups, or even just the fabric. Blinds 2go are the only retailer with these two patterns, and all 9 of the colourways, on a soft fabric. Pretty cool, huh?


Imagine giving the house tour and being able to show off how trendy you are with an exclusive blind like that. And just how in the know you are, because you found it on a trendy blog (can we say that about ourselves?) and simply had to have it! It is designer after all…

Already got one of these designs? Even better! Share your snaps with us on Instagram, remembering to tag them with #Blinds2goMakeover

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