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April 11th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Let’s admit it, improving our homes can be chore. You start a project on Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon you’ve just had enough. Well, this Home Improvement Month, we say, don’t worry, stay cool!

There’s no need to search for screws or pick out the perfect drill bit. Our EasiFIT blinds let you transform your conservatory in minutes. And once they’re in, they’ll keep you cool as a cucumber for as long as the warm weather lasts. (They’ll keep you warm once it’s ended too!)

Our DuoLight and DuoShade EasiFIT blinds have revolutionary honeycomb pockets that keep your home at an ideal temperature. The pockets trap the air, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.


What’s more, with no drills, no screws and no fuss, our EasiFIT Blinds get it done with ease!

Fully made to measure (here’s a video guide to help you get it just right) and available in colours to suit every home, the EasiFIT collection is the perfect choice for conservatory windows and doors.

Because they’re EasiFIT, they simply clip into your frame too with the minimum of fuss, without a single tool in sight (well, just a pair of scissors to unpack your gorgeous new blinds). And guess what? We even have a video guide for fitting them too!


Plus the free floating system opens from the top down and bottom up, so you can have all the privacy and light control you need, exactly where you want it.


Discover our effortless collection, then just sit back and relax in complete comfort: http://bit.ly/1GS0ZYQ

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