Duoshade honeycomb thermal blinds

December 19th, 2011 in All About Blinds

In perfect timing for the cold winter spell we have just launched a collection of thermal energy-saving honeycomb blinds. (Otherwise known as Duoshade!) It’s the innovative honeycomb design that makes these blinds just so special.

Each separate honeycomb channel is lined with reflective aluminium which traps a pocket of air. Just like layering clothing to keep warm, these channels act as hundreds of insulating barriers between the warmth of the room and the cold of the window. It’s a bit like hanging a duvet at your window!

Although these blinds are a technical bit of wizardry they are soft and beautiful to look at. Honeycomb, or cellular blinds, as they are sometimes known are the most popular blind style in the US.  Just take a look at the fantastic features of these blinds and we think you’ll understand why:

  • Thermal honeycomb design that keeps rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Sound insulating
  • Neat and compact when raised
  • Robust fabric that can be easily cleaned
  • Water resistant
  • Blackout fabric
  • Colour co-ordinated strings and bars
  • White backing for a smart look onto the street

The blackout fabric makes Duoshade ideal for bedrooms or overlooked rooms. Of course they are a natural fit for rooms that need to feel warmer too.

These hard-working blinds with their fantastic heat reflective core are available in a range of contemporary colours from white through to black and lots of neutral shades inbetween. There’s even a duck egg blue! Offering the same flexibility as a roller blind and the softness of a roman blind we think Duoshade are going to be quite the newcomer on the block.

Duoshade Biscuit Energy Saving Blind

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