Trend Watch: Decorex 2016

November 1st, 2016 in All About Blinds

Just before we start, a big thank you to our readers! We took a quick look at the stats and reader numbers are through the roof! And it seems like you guys are loving our Decorex Trends series. So we’re back with another one, and it’s one that’ll make you sparkle.

We’re talking about Metallics. It only seems fitting before one of the most sparkling of nights – Bonfire Night!

Absolute Gold!

We’ve been through the golden motion, then it was rose gold, and even copper. This season, we seem to be in limbo between the three, with gold being the main focus. And it all depends on what other materials you’re working it with.

Copper works wonders with concrete, gold with plush velvets and rose gold with white marble.


Side Tables by Ginger and Jagger


The Luxury’s in the Details

The placement of metallics has shifted from the focus of a room to more of the accessories and trimmings instead. It adds a defining touch to a shape, and brings out the luxurious nature of a colour.

The use of alternative colours to trim wasn’t limited to metallics though. As well as gold dado rails against a patterned wall, we saw mint sofas with an inky piping, and outlines to pretty much any shape.

Colour Match

Of course, the colours we’re teaming these metallics with have changed too. Gone are the copper around dusty pinks, or with industrial brick. In come the warm golds with navy, or even emerald greens, cool golds with mint, and brass with a whole range of darker tones.

The best news is that with the festive season approaching, it’s the perfect time to get started on the trends. Work it into your decorations, and if you happen to leave a few pieces up once Christmas is over, you can blame it on trends.

And if gold isn’t your thing, we’ve upgraded all of our roman blinds to now come with the stylish Nickel chains as standard, giving your blinds the luxurious touch.

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