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July 28th, 2016 in All About Blinds

If you’re anything like us, you love snooping around other people’s homes, just to be nosey. It’s the curiosity that gets us, how do other people live? What is there style like? Can we steal any of their ideas?

And you’ve probably fell victim to the world wide web, when one click leads to another, and another, and before you know it, you’re googling whether lobsters are in fact immortal (answer: technically their DNA allows, but nature finds other ways).

Anyway, before we waffle on too much, let’s get back to the point. Earlier this week, both of the above happened in one go. From the email inbox, clicks took us to Made.com Unboxed, where customers get to show off their latest purchases. After a few scrolls, we came across a familiar looking sight. Now we’d never seen the photo before, or even the room, but we did recognise the blind that was hanging above a beautiful blue sofa.


We dropped the owner a quick message asking permission to share the photo with you (since she hadn’t shared it directly with us, and this room is simply too beautiful not to share!). To our surprise, the home owner, Linda, wrote back with even more photos! It turns out that it wasn’t just the lounge that has had the Blinds 2go treatment.


Liberty Cottage is the 2nd holiday cottage that Linda’s taken on in Saint Agnes, Cornwall. In fact, she only bought the building this May and has managed to get it ready for Summer bookings. This woman does not mess around! Linda was keen on using on the best suppliers in her home, getting the right balance between high quality and affordable pricing.


It was a blank canvas and we just needed to get some colour and style into the house.  We have tried to get the best quality furnishings (hence the Made.com sofa) and your blinds were a good fit at a reasonable price.  We think they look great.”

She’s done a great job at adding colour and style, hasn’t she?


As soon as we saw the Cornish Boltholes website, the idea of a ‘team-building’ trip was being thrown around the office immediately, with the logistics of how to fit seven adults into this gorgeous cottage not an issue. We’d fit, we’d make sure of it.


The second bedroom is just adorable! The fish patterns pay homage to the Cornish waters, and the Samaki Aqua roman blind has blackout lining so holiday lie-ins are most certainly on the cards! Or an early night for the kids after a tiring day of surfing if you’re more the athletic sort of family…


Don’t worry, the Lace Powder Blue roman blind in the master bedroom is blackout lined too, so even tired parents can get plenty of shut eye. Just look how calming those beautiful blue tones are. Time and time again we say that the wide spectrum of blues shades are perfect for creating a tonal, single colour scheme, and this room has proved us right!


And if the weather’s not that great, why not take a chilled-out day in, squish the family on the sofa and enjoy a family board game? The Scandi Blooms blind in the lounge has a thermal lining to keep any cold chills out. And Linda managed to nab this exact colourway right before it got discontinued. (Don’t worry though, if you did want to steal Linda’s style, give our lovely team a call & we’ll try sweet talking the craftsmen & women into making it for you.)


Talking of sweetness, Linda makes sure that there’s a collection of Cornish treats waiting for you on arrival at Liberty Cottage so you can get stuck straight into the local way of life. Isn’t she lovely?

What we love most about Linda’s cottage is that she’s truly captured the essence of Cornwall, with all of its coast and beautiful beaches, though the multiple shades of blue. The patterns give each room it’s own personality and reflect the bustling on the vibrant streets, whilst practicality has been thought about too, with blackout in the bedrooms and thermal lining in the open plan lounge.


Linda has let us know that the master bedroom in her other property, The Old Cornstore, is due a makeover this Autumn, so keep an eye out for even more later in the year!

Whether you’ve got your own holiday home project, are lucky enough to live by the sea, or just love the coastal style, check out all of these lovely blue patterns and get creating your own retreat. Don’t forget to tag your projects #Blinds2goMakeover on instagram too!

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