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July 15th, 2019 in All About Blinds

Colour theory is big business. High powered marketing executives get paid thousands to alter the colour of the ‘Shop Now’ button on Amazon’s home page and interior designers study for years to put together the right blend of softest violet and fragrant heather tones.

Luckily, it doesn’t need to be that complicated when it comes to picking the right colours for your home. We’ve teamed up with The Decorating Centre Online to show you how to complement your walls with your soft furnishings without the extortionate consultancy fees.

Moody Blues: Take a light base and match with darker accents

One Simple Rule

If you take nothing else away from this blog post, remember the 60:30:10 rule. By breaking your home’s colour palette down into three shades and applying this rule you’ll be able to create a harmonious setting that friends will envy.

The key is to take your main colour and use it on 60% of your room. That usually incorporates at least 3 walls, a piece of furniture and, if you’ve got carpet, that too.

Go Tonal: Natural shades keep things warm & homely

Picking Your Tones

Once you’ve nailed down your main tone, you can then accent it with a further 30% of your secondary colour. The ideal way to do this is to take something in the same family as your base tone and match it with something darker within the same family, that way it all comes together nicely and you don’t need to worry about referencing colour wheels or reading text books, just keep things nice and simple.

Accentuate the Look

Finally, you just need to pick an accent colour. Again, you can keep this simple by going for an even darker member of the same colour family or you can dust out your wheel and pick something a little more extravagant. Use this on 10% of your room. The best way to do this is with a pop of pattern in your window dressings or with cushions and accessories, which have the added bonus of being somewhat disposable if you ever fancy a change.

Layer Up: Play with texture too

Going it Alone

Even armed with lots of Pinterest boards and this blog, it’s always nice to get the opinion of a third party. We wouldn’t recommend your Auntie Sal who is determined to try and carry off spots, stripes and florals within the same outfit. Instead, The Decorating Centre Online offer free, expert advice on the best palettes to use and can colour match anything you like. Why not order a few free Blinds 2go samples and let them create a space that works around your window dressings?

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