ClickFIT Pleated Blinds for BiFold Doors

August 22nd, 2017 in All About Blinds

Now, we know that people purchase BiFold doors so they can let light flood into their homes and enjoy a lovely view, but sometimes your home needs a little shading. Or just something to block out the dreary grey weather. 

Behold an innovation in the blind market. To the average Joe, this won’t mean much, but to us, it’s been a long time of research, development and a lot of hard work. Blinds made for BiFold doors!

So how do they differ to our other systems?

Well for starters, we’ve created a system that has no protruding parts. Fabrics that stack neatly and fold away with a simple push. And colours that truly make a house a home.

The single pleat means that even when pushed all the way up, they won’t come out further than your frame, meaning there’s no need to worry about spoiling the blinds when you fully open your doors.

Fitting couldn’t be easier too. Simply slide the brackets into your uPVC frame, click on the blind and voila! A window dressing that’ll hold strong for years and years to come.

And with prices starting at £30.50, kitting out your bifold doors won’t cost the earth either. Check out the entire collection here.

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10 thoughts on “ClickFIT Pleated Blinds for BiFold Doors

    • The website clearly states that the ClickFit for Bi-Fold doors is great for Aluminium and uPVC applications.

      Please can B2G clarify why they are saying here that they are NOT suitable for Aluminium Bi-Fold doors?

  1. Hi, could you tell me how these blinds are operated? Do they require pulling down and pushing up all the way? My bi-fold doors are ceiling to floor and I cant reach my ceiling.

    • Hi there – they do need to be manually pushed up/pulled down, there aren’t any external controls for these blinds.

  2. Hi there, I’ve had mine installed about 3 weeks and already you push them up and they just fall down?? It’s like the magnet strips aren’t strong enough to hold them up?

    • Hi Jamie, this sounds like the blinds just need a little extra tension in the cords – if you take a look at our fitting guide the last section describes how to adjust the tension.

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