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March 31st, 2015 in All About Blinds

Here at Blinds 2go, we love doing our bit for charity and the wider community and this month is certainly no different! We participated in not one but two awareness raising days; World Water Day and World Purple Day.

World Purple Day was a big one here at Blinds 2go. It’s day to douse our lives in our favourite colour of all time, Purple. It’s not all fun and games though. Purple Day seeks to raise awareness (and fundraise for associated charities) of the different forms of Epilepsy and the difficulties that it can bring. In the office, we found that we all thought different things when it came to first aid and Epilepsy so we sought out answers and now it’s safe to say that we all should know what to do should someone suffer convulsions either in the workplace or in public.

As well as brushing up on our understandings and health and safety knowledge, we got into the full swing of Purple Day and it’s safe to say that the office looked like a punnet of plums. After thorough searching, we found that in fact most of us did own something purple and wore it with pride the whole day long. We had balloons and stickers (we’re still big kids at heart) and even dug out our purple pens for the day (not that we use them all that much anymore).

We even offered you guys the chance to get involved in our fundraising efforts. We had 10% all purple blinds and curtains across the site for one day only, and encouraged each and every customer to donate their savings to Epilepsy Action using their online giving page or text donation. Unfortunately, as these went straight to the charity, not through us, we’re unable to see just how much you guys did donate, but looking at the number of purple blinds and curtains we sold, we’d love to say a huge thanks to you all! And if you donated without buying something from our store, then thank you so much more!

It might not seem like too much but we raised £35 inhouse as well as some members of staff text donating directly to the charity quite impressive for a small team.

If you’d like to get involved in the efforts for Epilepsy, or would just like to donate yourself, check out Epilepsy Action‘s website.


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