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Blinds 2go Winter Warming Tips 4/5

We couldn’t run a series of posts on winter warming tips without including thermal roller blinds. It might seem like we’re blowing our own trumpet but energy saving blinds really do work to keep your home warm and cut your energy bills too. There are lots of options to choose […]

Blinds 2go Winter Warming Tips 3/5

The next instalment in our seasonal selection of winter warming tips is a difficult one to believe but it really works! Usually your ceiling fan won’t see much action during the winter months – who wants to add more cold air into the mix? However, amazingly your ceiling fan can […]

Blinds 2go Winter Warming Tips 2/5

In part 2 of our winter warming tips, we’ve chosen a solution that will not only make your home warmer and cosier but it looks pretty too! Lighting a candle might not seem like a revolutionary idea, but when you light a few around the room it can make a […]

Blinds 2go Winter Warming Tips 1/5

Even though it’s the run up to Christmas and all the festivities are taking our mind off it, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s brass monkeys out there right now. So to make your life a little bit more bearable as we delve into the depths of winter, we’ve […]

Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 1 & 2

2 – Clean like a professional Chambermaids are renowned for their speed and efficiency so you may as well learn from the best. The chambermaids at the Savoy Hotel in London probably know a thing or two about getting thinks bright and shiny! They are taught to stand at the […]

Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 3 & 4

3 – Glamorous cleaning every time For those hard to reach places, the tops of cupboards and doors, light fittings and so on why not try a feather duster? Much more fun than wobbling precariously on a chair to reach! One great tip is to spray the duster lightly with […]

Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 5 & 6

Tips 5 and 6 will hopefully tempt you out into the garden, it is June after all! 5 – Sparkling BBQs Earlier in the week we tempted you with some BBQ gadgetry, now it’s probably time to think about cleaning the thing! As with most things in life preparation is […]

Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 7 & 8

And here they are, our tips 7 and 8 for a clean and spring-like home… 7 – All aboard the big ship ‘Clean’! Get everyone involved! It’s probably quite unlikely that you’re the sole maker of the mess and creator of the dirt…so why not get all the culprits involved? […]

Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 10 & 9

Spring is definitely here, it’s been a slow start but the warm days are now out-numbering the Arctic days (just). We can’t put it off any longer, spring cleaning that is, so here’s Blinds 2go’s top 10 spring cleaning tips. Look out for more next week. 10 – Clean the […]

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