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October 21st, 2015 in All About Blinds

Have you ever debated on exactly which colour would look best at your windows? You want to go bold with colour, but calm neutrals just keep drawing you in?

Do you ever wish you could combine two lovely fabrics to save the heartache of choosing just one? Maybe take a velvet and a silk, put them together and make the most wonderful of combinations?

A Touch of Colour





Roman blinds are here to save the day once again. We’ve only gone and (almost) doubled our collection of Borders roman blinds. So that you can get the best of both world, now with even more choice. We’ve taken some of our best selling fabrics and mixed them with even more of your favourite fabrics.

Pretty Patterns


We’ve got more colour, more textures, more patterns. What more could you ask for? A few of the designs are even made out of the same combo, just perfectly sewn together the alternate way around. (Check out the Uptown Pepper Grey borders and the Austin Black borders roman blind, they have completely different vibes.)

Luxury Defined


Of course, all of the Border roman blinds are made with the greatest of care, just like all of our products, with the Deluxe Perfect Raise sidewinder making sure they always look beautiful, even when folded up.

From the rustic Avon Linen Weave to the dreamy Ionia Dream Blue, there’s now over 70 borders combinations, and you can discover all of them in one easy place-

Borders and Beyond


Whichever direction you want to take your home, choosing a design to suit your needs has never been simpler. With Blinds 2go it’s Made to Measure, Made Simple.

For help on choosing your brand new blind, why not give our lovely team a call on 0800 8620464 where we’d be happy to help.

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