Book Lovers Day

August 9th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Here at Blinds 2go HQ, we love sinking our teeth into a bit of bedtime reading, whether it’s on our own or reading to the little ones, so we’re pretty happy to discover there’s a day we can get involved with – Book Lovers Day.


And what better way to celebrate such a wonderful event than with our super cute and super fun range of Roald Dahl curtains hanging in your kid’s bedroom (or yours if you’d prefer). Or why not use them to create a cosy reading nook instead?


If Roald Dahl isn’t really their thing, our Alphabeatz roller blinds are the perfect way to get their creative juices flowing, giving them the inspiration they need to create a story all of their own, with illustrations and letters galore to feed their imagination.


What ever you’re doing on Book Lovers Day, make sure you do it with style, and make sure you do it with Blinds 2go.

Why not check out these other ideas for ways to celebrate Book Lovers Day or why not see how many of these ‘settings that inspired the stories‘ you can visit in a day?


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