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January 26th, 2011 in Exclusives

We sell hundreds and hundreds of blinds every day and it’s so nice when a customer takes the time to not just say thank you but to put pen to paper and write us a letter. A lady from Wiltshire has done just that and we thought we’d share her thoughts with you.

You could not have been more helpful and it was so nice to have such good service. You dealt with it so professionally, pointing out some things that I had not thought of.

The fact that you got our order to us so quickly was amazing and I would have no hesitation in using you again or indeed recommending you to anyone else.

Thank you Mrs P for your kind words, we really do appreciate it. Mrs P is now the proud owner of no less than seven Pure White Hardwood blinds, as seen below in all their glory.

If you have any queries about our blinds or would like some advice then please do give the team a free-phone call on 0800 862 0464 and they’ll only be too happy to help.

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43 thoughts on “Blinds 2go :: Our helpful & professional customer service team

  1. Hi… bought some blinds from. You including Venetian metal and would like to be directed to fitting instructions.
    Can you please direct me to them.. I cant find them.


    • Hi Richard. I have asked a member of the Customer Services team to get in touch. In the meantime if you visit the product page of the blinds in question on the website you will see three tabs below the delivery details. One of the tabs is ‘installation’ and the instructions can be downloaded from here. I hope you enjoy your blinds. Anna

  2. Saturday 10th Nov
    8 vertical blinds selected & quoted on line. Quality & value most impressive on web!
    Ordered online with approx 7-10 WORKING days quoted.
    Blinds received 100% perfect Friday 16th Nov (5 WORKING days)…POST-FREE

    Saturday 17th Nov
    Blinds fitted (2 V-style blinds into each of 4 bows)…perfect fit, good pattern match….FANTASTIC!!!

    Thank you & Best Wishes BLINDS2GO

  3. Hi Ann and William
    It’s always so nice when someone takes the time out to tell us that they’re pleased with their blinds and the service received. So thank you very much indeed. Wishing you all the best, Anna.

  4. telling me your number which I have checked is not recognised I am calling 08008620464 if y Carol Millsou are still trading I would like to order some shutters – my tel 01752880170 Regards

    • Hi Carol, sorry we had some trouble with our phones on Friday, but we managed to get everything up and running in the end so hopefully you were able to get through. If not then just give us a call any time until 8pm.

  5. Hi,

    I like your products but I don’t believe I’m sufficiently experienced to fit the blinds myself. Do you offer a fitting service or can recommend anyone in the Oxford area.

    Kind regards,
    Jeremy Goldman

    • Hi Jeremy, sorry but because we design everything for home fitting we’ve never gathered any kind of list of recommended fitters or anything. In all honesty the process of fitting these blinds uses only the most basic of DIY principles, so if you wanted to have a go but didn’t have much experience of DIY then looking up a couple of videos on the basics of using a drill would be about all you need.

  6. The two cords that operate the left and right sides of my new thermal blind have come out of the plastic pull knob, how do you put them back?
    Does the knob come apart somehow? It looks like the knots have pulled through the holes.

    • Hi Gary, sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems, but if you give our customer support team a call on 0800 862 0464 then we’ll be able to help with that.

  7. Hello, I ordered two roller blinds, one of them does not work (the pliers are stiff) I compared with the other blind and that one is good, working well. However when I saw the other one, the rail is definitely not working. I just wanted to know what I can do; to either post it to you, or if you are going to replace the blind or rail.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having problems and that we haven’t been able to get back to yo sooner, but I can’t find an order for roller blinds from you at all I’m afraid. If you’re able to find the order number for that order then pop us an email, or a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  8. We have purchased two sets of Roman blinds and are fitted on the inside of windows. The question is how do I remove the rail head from the brackets as I am decorating the room.

  9. Hi
    You recently sent me a code (20200511) for a 10 % discount
    When I try to enter this code in the box it says code not recognised?
    Can you help please

    • Hi Andy, I’m very sorry that we didn’t get chance to respond sooner. I can see that you placed an order on 18th May regardless, so I’ve applied the 10% discount to that order retrospectively. A 10% refund should reach your account within the next few working days.

  10. Hi I’m just enquiring about your shutters. I have a bay window but not sure how to take the measurements. Can you help?

    • Hi Leyla, sorry there’s been such a delay in responding but thanks for your message. We don’t actually recommend our shutters for bay windows at all I’m afraid, without specialist tools and knowledge in regards to the measuring it’s very tricky to get them to fit properly. We tend to recommend the closest alternative in terms of appearance for bay windows, which are these:

  11. Hi could you advise please . Two of the hangers within the curtain rail are not turning in sync with the rest , is there a way to correct this?

    • Hi Elaine, sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you, but it looks like you gave us a different email address when you placed the order, so your confirmation and any updates have gone there. I’ve changed the email address on the order to the one you’re using now, you’ll be able to use our order tracker to track the order now, and you should shortly receive a copy of your confirmation email.

  12. Hi , I purchased some of your blinds a few years ago and I’ve just had some new PVC windows fitted and I do not want to put the brackets that I have into the new windows. Do you have the brackets that fit each side of the the wall I hope you understand what I mean so they’re not facing front on but going sideways onto the wall, the panel at top of the blind measures 5 cm, could you please let me know , thank you.
    Regards Sandra Harrison

    • Hi Sandra, sorry we haven’t had chance to get back to you sooner. Without knowing precisely which blinds you have I can’t say whether there are any different fittings available – could you pop us an email with this request and include your postcode and/or order number so we can take a look?

  13. Placed order on Friday
    Ref b31606139wb please change size to
    Wi 57.1/4
    He 33.1/2
    Please let me know if ok thanks

    • Hi Michael, we’ve sent the request over to production and will email you to let you know when they get back to us.

  14. Please help. I wanted to phone and speak to a person! I want to order 2 samples please, for a roller blind for my bathroom. They are both Harlequin. One is Yasuni fabric 120748, and the second one is Flavia stone. Could you please send me samples and then I can decide and order a blind. Thanks J Exley.

    • Hi Diane, sorry to hear you’ve had problems but unfortunately we don’t offer alteration services. I don’t think we’ll be able to do anything with the blinds you already have but if you get in touch with our customer service team then we’ll see what we’re able to do to help.

  15. Hi, I have purchased quite a few blinds from ye and they are great but one of the chains broke and I was wondering can I purchase one or two chains from ye to replace.

    Thanks Mgt. Donovan

    • Not to worry, if the blinds were purchased from us originally then we’re more than happy to replace parts. Just get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll see what we can do to help.

  16. Ups state my blind was delivered on 15/02/2021 but they were not delivered to my home, I seem to be getting nowhere trying to lodge a dispute please help my order number was B37604285WB

    • Hi Graham, sorry to hear you’ve having issues, we’ve passed your message onto the customer service team and someone will be in touch to help.

  17. I ordered a blind from you last year and have decided to have another of this same blind…..however, I do not have the details. Could you find the colour and design from your records and let me have them? I would be very grateful for your help.
    Thank you
    Mrs I Vamplew

  18. just fitted a blinds2go vertical blind. the blind does not close up to centre. about 150mm away from shutting can i alter this or has it been wrongly manufactured.

    • Hi Barry, sorry to hear that you’re having issues – if your blind was ordered as a ‘split stack’ then it should close fully in the centre, so it sounds like something’s gone awry. I can’t find your order though using your name and email address, so I would suggest snapping a couple of pictures of the blind to show how tightly it will close, and a closeup of the underside of the header rail when fully closed, so we can see what might be causing the issue. Just pop those images in an email to our support team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  19. Hi
    I am about to place an order for a Roman blind (from a sample gratefully received). Do you make cushions to match or sell the matching material so I could make them
    Kind regards

    • Hi Julie, we may be able to provide some for you but it would depend on the fabric, as we aren’t able to for all of them. If you get in touch with our customer service team and let them know which fabric you’re looking at then we should be able to advise further.

  20. Hi Mark,

    I’m looking to replace my current Roman blind. Is it possible to order the blind without the brackets/rail as I already have one?


    • Hi Claire – I’m afraid we only sell blinds as a complete product, with the rail and fittings included. However, the fabric is only attached to the rail with velcro and some clips to attach the cords at the back, so you can easily remove the fabric and attach it to your existing rail. You’ll also then have all the right components with you if you find that your existing rail doesn’t quite work for the new blind.

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