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October 26th, 2014 in All About Blinds

Conservatory season may be a good few months away yet but planning in advance never hurt anyone!

If you fancy giving your conservatory a breath of fresh air next spring, why not look into some new blinds to really give it that good-as-new feeling?

EasiFit Conservatory Blinds


An easy choice for your conservatory, these free-hanging pleated blinds give you full flexibility over both light control and privacy. There are two ranges available:

  • Duolight – designed to let the light filter through gently whilst remaining as energy efficient as possible
  • Duoshade – with an aluminium lining on the inside of the pleats, these blinds are not only extremely efficient, they’re also completely blackout too

With a range of colours available as well, you can match the decor in your conservatory beautifully, blend in perfectly or add a spicy flash of colour!

Vertical Blinds


A great choice when you want to cover multiple windows with a single blind, vertical blinds can be face fitted to the window frames themselves to ensure that they protrude far enough to turn a full 180 degrees.

Available in a selection of materials, you can choose between thermal, blackout, rigid pvc and 100% waterproof to suit your needs along with a whole spectrum of colours, textures and patterns to mix and match with!

PerfectFit Conservatory Blinds


One of the more popular choices for conservatories, PerfectFit blinds are so quick and easy to fit that we completely understand why people love them!

These aluminium venetian blinds come loaded into frames that simply clip into your windows, fitting, well, perfectly!

The 25mm slats give you excellent light control, allowing you to choose just how much light you want to filter through whilst keeping your privacy protected.

Many of the colours available also match those of standard aluminium venetian blinds, meaning that you can match them effortlessly throughout your home!

Roller Blinds


With smooth and easy operation, roller blinds are an excellent choice for your conservatory.

Providing you have enough room for the roller itself (usually 3.5cm wider than the fabric) you can fit them together easily and even use them to cover multiple windows.

With a whole host of materials available, you can complete the look in your conservatory perfectly for an extremely reasonable price.

So even though there are conservatory blinds out there, you don’t necessarily need to use them, there are plenty of other practical alternatives that will look just as good in your conservatory 🙂

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