Best thermal energy saving blinds for keeping warm

January 24th, 2013 in All About Blinds

Some things really do work and hanging a thermal energy saving blind at the window will definitely keep you and your room warmer.

I have personal knowledge of this having just hung a Duoshade Biscuit Energy Saving Blind at my window! The window is in the kitchen, it’s large, single glazed and opens onto an unheated utility area. The upshot was that the kitchen was freezing! Any heat was escaping straight out through the window and the freezing air from the utility was trying its best to get in. Hanging the thermal blind within the recess, right next to the window has made an unbelievable difference, the kitchen now feels much warmer and is definitely cosier. Presumably my heating bill will reduce a little too!

If you want to feel warmer too, then we have a choice of four thermal blind collections and here they are  ……

  • The best choice is a Duoshade blind. (Just like I choose for my kitchen.) The blind is made from honeycomb channels that concertina when raised. Each channel is lined with reflective aluminium which traps its own pocket of air which then acts as an insulating barrier between the warmth of the room and the cold of the outside. This blind is also black out.
  • There’s also the Duolight blind which works in the same way but isn’t lined with aluminium so isn’t as thermally efficient. The blind will gently filter the light creating a beautiful soft glow at the window.
  • If you prefer the style of a roller blind then there’s lots of choice with a whole array of colours. These blinds feature a special technical back that works to reflect the cold away.
  • Finally there’s thermal vertical blinds. These blinds will help a room to feel warmer but are less efficient than the other options because of the inevitable gaps between the slats as well as the space at the top and bottom.

With so much choice of style and colour there’s sure to be a blind just right for you. Please do take advantage of our free sample service and have the sample with you the very next day.

Duotherm Biscuit Energy Saving BlindDuoshade Alabaster Energy Saving Blind

Duoshade Biscuit Energy Saving Blind and Duoshade Alabaster Energy Saving Blind

Insutex Pure White Energy Saving Roller Blind Thermatex French Navy Energy Saving Vertical Blind R

Insutex Pure White Energy Saving Roller Blind  and Thermatex French Navy Vertical Blind

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    • Hi Jane, we do not produce brochures specifically for our thermal blinds. However, there is lots of information on the site that should tell you everything you need to know.

      If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, or if you need any extra information, feel free to give our customer service team a quick call. They’re all experts so they should be able to answer any questions you may have.

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