Bake Yourself a Perfect Pancake Party

February 17th, 2015 in Home Improvement

Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) is a firm favourite amongst the team here at Blinds2Go. We’ve had the sweet vs savoury debate going for a few weeks now and we’re no closer to a conclusion.

Everyone has their own special technique for making the perfect pancake, and many stores now have specialised kitchen essentials for even better pancakes.

Here are a few of the new must-haves, you need in your kitchen now!

Plus, they’re super stylish, so hit double whammy and spruce up your baking space all year round.


Now, there’s only really one place to start when thinking of pancakes. You can’t really make them without it, and a horribly worn out one can turn your pancakes into a pile of disaster –

The Frying Pan

However, in this day and age an ordinary frying isn’t good enough. Behold, the Pancake Pan…
The shallow dish means you can have pancakes that are cooked to perfection and perfectly flipped.



Batter is all about getting the ingredients right, and whilst some have the skill to just ‘wing’ it, most of us, however, are not as fortunate. Whether you use a Measuring Cup, Jug or Scales, precision is key.

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Mixing it Up

Getting colour into your home can sometimes be daunting, but we believe that by implementing bright accent with your kitchen utensils, you can add fun to your bakes. If you’re short on baking space though, the Batter Shaker from Sistema is a great way to whisk up a batch in a flash!

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Zest Appeal

And of course, no Pancake Day would be complete with the timeless Lemon and Sugar combo.

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Something Special On Top

As if you needed an excuse for a kitchen uplift, these blinds will get you in the mood for pancakes every day of the week.


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