B2G Blinds for Velux ® Windows for a New Look

April 25th, 2015 in All About Blinds

As Home Improvement Month starts to draw to a close, it’s time to bring your new look home all together and just sit and enjoy the interior you’ve made.

But we’ve recently read that blinds are often the forgotten part of home improvement, which is a shame as they can make the biggest difference.

And if you’ve just converted the attic into a cosy den or a spare room, it is very easy to forget that you need a blind for your shiny new roof window.


Sitting there nodding along? We’ve got your back. Budget stretched? All you want to do is sit back and relax? We’ve still got your back.

Our B2G Blinds for Velux ® Windows, Elements and Expression collections, are not only great quality, they’re a great price too! They’re also specially designed to fit your frame perfectly and are easy to install in 3 minutes or less (and it only takes 4 screws)!

What’s more, our Elements range is available with the VIP treatment: GoRapid delivery service. That means you can get your wonderful new blinds before Home Improvement Month ends, getting one more thing ticked off your home improvement plan.

Tick that box today and explore our range: http://bit.ly/1OdyZVp


We also have roof window blinds for Fakro, Dakstra, Rooflite and Keylite roof windows too, so you can find a blind to fit each and everyone of your windows in one easy place.

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