Autumn/Winter 2018 Interior Trends

September 27th, 2018 in All About Blinds

You can always trust Good Homes magazine to have their finger on the interior design pulse, and recently they published their insights into this coming season’s major trends. From midnight blue themes to retro chic, there are some bold and characterful ideas coming to the fore this autumn/winter.


For many of us, the change of season is the perfect opportunity to give our homes a much-needed makeover. Whether you’re overhauling or tweaking, a new window dressing can be just the right touch to transform your space. So let’s dive right in and take a look at how you can choose the perfect blind to slot in with these upcoming trends.


Midnight Hues


Often considered a cold colour, blue isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you’re choosing decor, especially not for the colder months. But as Good Homes say, “…deeper shades can create a cosy, calming and warming effect…”. Cosset the room in snuggly comfort using a rich, deep, dark shade and feel warm even surrounded by this wintry colour.



Take this sultry roller from our thermal range, pictured in a rich blue setting with light, bright furniture. The luxurious weave of the fabric adds texture to that tonal back wall for a uniform but still eye-catching look, forming a great background to make the lighter touches in the room really stand out. That Thermal Luxe roller has an ace up its sleeve too, a thermal backing that reflects energy back into the room to help keep it warm, adding to the comforting effect.



That look can have a stunning effect on a kitchen too, just check out the above. Blue and white are a classic combo and the kitchen is the home of white goods, so it’s the perfect setting. This richly textured, indigo shaded roller is one of our soft fabric rollers, so it’s luxurious in the extreme. It also comes with a choice of either light-filtering, blackout or thermal lining, so you can tailor it perfectly to your space.



Looking for a more dramatic look? Golden tones complement blues perfectly, and when surrounded by deep, dark shades they really zing with vibrance. In the roomset above you can see just how vibrant the space looks with such a simple palette. We chose a crushed velvet for this scene to match the premium, extravagant vibe created by the decor and we think the two are a perfect match.



Or you could use your blind itself as the complementary touch, making it a centrepiece that really stands out. The blind pictured above uses its vivid citrus shade to emphasise the opulent, extravagant theme of the Peacock pattern and is the perfect complement for the blue walls. The whole space feels luxe, modern and bold.



Perhaps the ultimate premium look is what you’re after – in which case it just has to be shutters. These pure white plantation shutters offset the cool blue furnishings for bold brightness, while golden highlights add opulence and warmth.



For balance and a more subtle look, grey combines well with blue too. Take that soft and sumptuous roller above, with its steely grey shade. Dark wood and earthy soft-furnishings provide the warmth, leaving the blind to stand out in subtle, classy fashion.


Scandi Chic


This has been a popular trend for some time now, but it seems it’s here to stay. The perfect look for the coming season, Scandi style is all about brightness, cosiness and comfort. Good Homes says:


Banish your winter blues with a blend of Nordic styles by utilising space and light and including natural elements such as wooden chairs, wicker baskets in a clean, neutral decorating scheme. Add cosy touches with soft, plush throws and shagpile rugs in chocolate brown or charcoal grey, and create a little hygge fireside with scented candles and plush throws.


The words ‘plush’ and ‘hygge’ (Norwegian for ‘cosiness’) come up again and again when talking about Scandi interiors, which is why it’s the perfect match for the autumn/winter season. Choosing a window covering to fit with that theme is easy-peasy too, as it’s one of our favourites and we have plenty of products in our collection that will look right at home.



Take this Tuscan Oak wooden blind for example, pictured above with coordinating tan tapes. The rugged natural beauty of the wood really comes through, the particular shade radiating warmth and cosiness, perfect for those fireside evenings on the sofa.



There’s nothing better than a clean, smart white for maximising brightness and keeping your space feeling open and uplifting. The Pure White wooden blind above brings all the solid chic of a wooden blind alongside the joyful brightness of its simple white shade.



Something more dramatic but sticking with the theme of brightness? Our plantation shutters are just about the most dramatic, stately window dressing you could think of. Robust chic, total practicality and a truly elegant finish, these stark white ones in particular give any space a certain class you just can’t get with other window dressings.



Remember, making the most of the light is part of the Scandi theme, so something slimline, sleek and discreet is just the ticket. Enter our pleated blinds! Self-stacking pleats make a tight stack at the top of the window when the blind is fully raised.



Speaking of slimline and discreet, our aluminium Venetian blinds fit that bill nicely too! They’re a classic choice for window dressing, offering versatility, simplicity, reliability and timeless style. A crisp white is an effortless choice and perfect for a bright Scandi theme.


Retro Terrazzo Touches


Fashion goes around in circles, as they say, and Good Homes have forecast a 70s revival with classic touches like Terrazzo set to be all the rage in interiors this season.


In its day Terrazzo was praised more for its practicality and sustainability than it was for its look. It was the original sustainable material, offcuts of stone set into cement or polymer, poured out then polished for a uniform finish. The higgledy-piggledy mishmash of shapes and colours makes for a gorgeously natural, yet stylishly abstract look, so whilst it may not have been designed with aesthetics in mind it still looks amazing.


If you like the idea of a retro makeover and you’re a fan of 70s-era inspired chic, then we’ve got just the collection for you…



Fun, funky and positively bursting with nostalgic charm and vibrance, our Orla Kiely House collection couldn’t be more perfect for this trend. Every blind in the collection zings with Orla’s signature imagination and throwback glamour. We love them so much we can’t pick a favourite, so click on the pic above to take a look for yourself at this jaw-dropping range!


Dark & Dramatic Glamour


If the 70s weren’t your idea of a stylish decade then don’t worry, the 80s are set to enjoy a comeback too! Particularly on trend this season will be dark wooden furniture and the glam, opulent vibe that characterised the decade.


Teaming darker wooden furniture with golden touches and precious stone (real or otherwise) accessories will really give your home that uptown feel.



Pairing dark woods with lighter, brighter colours creates an eye-catching and stylish contrast. Blues, greens and yellows in particular offset the darkness beautifully. We’ve used this in the picture above, with that Dark Mahogany blind visually popping from the cool blue wall behind it.



A tonal scheme can work really well with wood too, layering up similar shades with different textures and finishes. Using darker woods in this scheme makes for a really cosy, warm vibe, but you can still glam it up nicely with some golden highlights and maybe a couple of leafy green plants dotted around for snatches of vibrance to break up the darkness.



The roomset we’ve used for the above blind showcases a more contemporary version of that glam vibe – clean lines and sharp angles in the dark wooden furniture, touches of gold and cream to offset it, presided over by that fabulous roller. Sunshine yellow and crisp grey throw the dark wood into sharp contrast and give the space a beautiful focal point.



Remember that green and blue complement dark wood beautifully, as you can see in the above picture. That Roman blind is a true beauty from our delectable tuiss collection, looking thoroughly chic and stunningly bright in that space.


So, if you’ve been planning a home makeover then here’s hoping some of these ideas, courtesy of the geniuses at Good Homes magazine, provide some inspiration. To read their full article on the upcoming trends for autumn/winter 2018, click here.

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