It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…!

December 18th, 2014 in The Best of the Rest

As Christmas draws ever closer, people are starting to put up their decorations and we must admit that it’s one of our all time favourite activities!

So with that in mind, we’ve been looking at some gorgeous decorations for homes that feature different decor styles, from your little rustic cottage to your modern city apartment, prepare to feel inspired…

Decor Ideas For –

The Traditional Home:


When it comes to giving your home a traditional look at Christmas, reds and golds are definitely the colours to use as their rich tones and complimentary shades work beautifully against the green of the tree.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantel over your fireplace, adding decorations across the top of it is a must as it not only draws attention to this feature but it helps to give you that extra touch of Christmas cheer.

The Modern Home:


While traditional colours can still be used to create a truly Christmassy feel, you can add a contemporary touch to your decor by experimenting with decorations and trees – such as this gorgeously quirky wire frame Christmas tree.

Not only is this a great way to stick to the modern styling of your home, it’s also an excellent solution for smaller homes that would benefit from a space-saving tree – not to mention those of you who get tired of hoovering up endless pine needles year after year!

The Coastal Home:


We simply love the idea of creating a costal Christmas at home and this lovely driftwood tree decoration is a brilliant and unique idea.

If you’re a fan of having a proper Christmas tree, why not take a look at some coastal inspired tree decorations? Try hanging starfish, shells or small dried sponges on your tree to really make it a coastal Christmas!

The Retro Home:


If vintage is your thing, why not bring a little retro charm to your Christmas decor this year? You can pick up packs of vintage Christmas decorations quite easily from both eBay and Etsy.

These stylish decorations benefit massively from age, with a natural distressed look that just adds to their antiquated charm.

The Glamorous Home:

Fav 2

If your home has a certain glamour about it, there’s no reason to settle for Christmas decorations that are any less than fabulous!

We thoroughly believe that silvers and whites are the way to go to add that extra touch of luxury to your home – they shimmer and shine in the light and add a simplistic yet striking touch to your Christmas decor.

The Family Home:


As beautiful as colour coordination can look, sometimes you don’t want Christmas to be about style, you want it to be about family and the happy memories that you’ll make.

Bright colours, handmade ornaments and decorations to celebrate milestones are always a welcome addition t your home at Christmas and they’ll add a sentimental touch that will keep you smiling for years to come.

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