10 Tips For Choosing Bathroom Blinds

April 28th, 2017 in All About Blinds

Practicality is the key in both Bathrooms and Kitchens, and both rooms have to take on some hefty environments. There is a constant battle with steam, condensation, and humidity. With the longer days and cooler temperatures, Spring is the perfect time to get all those problem areas sorted. So we’ve compiled our top 10 tips for choosing blinds for your bathroom…

1. Avoid using real wood

Real Wood is best avoided in damp or humid environments as it can stain, warp and even twist over time. There are some fabulous and realistic looking Faux Wood blinds available which have the look of real wood but are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Choose a suitable fabric

Just as real woods aren’t the most suitable of fabrics for a bathroom, there’s a few others that should be avoided too. Cotton, linen and silk are just a few. The moisture can get caught in the fibres, and the results aren’t very pretty. PVC and polyester are much better choices. Better still, some of our most popular designs are available on a polyester fabric, including our Scion Living, Sanderson HOME and Harlequin Additions ranges.

3. Blinds vs Curtains

We feel like we’re pointing out the obvious here, but there’s a reason you never really see curtains in the bathroom. They’re just so much more practical, plus more often than not, they’re made out of fabric that can be wiped down without having to remove it.

4. Roller blinds are best

Almost any type of blind can be used in a bathroom, but roller blinds are our favourite choice. We’ve already touched upon the practical points, and the huge array of designs, but roller blinds can be pulled up, out of the way of splashes and stains and window sill items, whilst still providing shade from the sun as well as privacy too. We love using them to create a statement piece or accent colour in an otherwise plain room.

5. Blinds for direct sunlight

If your bathroom has lots of sunshine or bright light coming through the window then venetian blinds are a good choice. The moveable slats are excellent at directing away bright sunlight yet still allowing light into the room.

6. Blinds for privacy

If your bathroom is over looked, and you don’t want to completely hade the whole of the window, bottom up roller blinds are a great option. Just raise the blind as far you need private, then let the light flood through the top.

7. Other waterproof options

Our range of shutters is also a great choice for bathrooms. They’re made from an advanced polymer that doesn’t warp, shrink or crack under the pressures of humidity. Plus with the moveable slats, privacy and light control are not an issue.

8. Showerproof blinds

If your shower is right next to the window, blinds can get hit with a lot of excess water. For these kinds of spot, only 100% waterproof blinds are enough. Thankfully our Ocean range ticks those boxes. The Splash collection features a whole array of funky designs, with the bathroom completely in mind. Think fishes, boats, bubbles and more.

9. Blinds for cold room.

No, we’re not talking about a cold store, we’re talking about those draughty bathrooms or the poorly insulated. With our DuoShade blinds, the double layer of pleated fabric in a honeycomb pattern traps air between the two layers of the blind and retains the heat in the room as well as reflecting excessive heat.

10. Blinds for room darkening
For the ultimate in privacy, or just a calming candlelit bath, choose a blackout blind. Hundreds of our roller blinds are suitable for bathrooms, have the option of a blackout lining, as well as being a great decorative choice with their patterned designs.

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