Wooden blinds with tapes :: more than a decorative choice

August 25th, 2009 in Exclusives

We must admit to being rather fond of wooden blinds with tapes here at Blinds 2go towers. It is one of those small upgrades [in cost] that makes such an impact on a wooden blind and as importantly has some tangible benefits too.

walnut wooden blind with complementary tapesbeech wooden venetian blind with contrasting tapes

The two examples above are both from our very popular Manhattan Wooden Blinds with Tapes collection and show the two main options with tapes, complementary and contrasting.

Now lets get down to practical business, what are the advantages of tapes? Putting aside the “look”, which we feel can be equally striking in the modern or more traditional home, blinds with tapes simply cut out more light than a wooden blind with cords. It’s not a huge difference but enough to be important particularly in a bedroom.

So if you are looking for more control in your life [ just over light I’m afraid ] and a huge helping of style then why not plump for some wooden blinds with tapes?

Oh and one more thing… the Godfather gives his seal of approval.

the godfather loves blinds with tapes

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