Water Bobble – Reinventing bottled water

February 22nd, 2010 in The Best of the Rest

We just love great design and saving money and the water bobble looks like it is going to tick our boxes.

In the not too distant past a gang of marketing geniuses must have gathered together and devised a fiendish plan to convince us all to pay £1 for a bottle of water. They also made us forget the massive environmental cost of all those plastic bottles sitting in landfill.

It looks like we now have a better choice, the water bobble has been designed to make use of a carbon filter to make our tap water refreshingly drinkable. Fantastic design too, you can now carry your water with pride.

The bad news seems to be that it is not available in the UK as of yet, why not contact the water bobble people and ask them to get a move on?

water bobble

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3 thoughts on “Water Bobble – Reinventing bottled water

  1. We agree, the bobble is fabulous. We are taking pre-orders for them on our new site scarletandjones.com and will be shipping them out on September 1st. We offer free delivery on ALL orders.

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