The Best Blinds for Kitchen Windows?

January 15th, 2014 in All About Blinds

This year we’re going to be bringing you a series of posts on the practical benefits of our blinds. Sounds boring right? Well we’ll try to make it as interesting as possible because blinds really can make a huge practical difference to your home.

The first in our series is blinds for the kitchen. If you’re anything like the Blinds 2go team, you’ll spend your lunches throwing spaghetti sauce at the window and by the end of your stint in the kitchen your blinds will be stained, smeared and dripping from top to bottom.

Imagine the nightmare involved in washing your nice white curtains. That’s where a stylish faux wood venetian comes in. Each slat is made from textured PVC and simply wipes clean, all the while providing your kitchen with an elegant and sophisticated look.

If you prefer a pattern, though, maybe a roller blind is for you. Our range of lovely Ocean rollers are 100% waterproof and are just the thing for rebounding stray water from the tap. Unfortunately they won’t prevent you covering yourself with wet and looking like you’ve had an embarrassing bathroom accident.

And if you’ve got a thing for cooking in the buff, then maybe a PVC vertical is your thing. It has the same easy to clean, waterproof properties of the faux woods and the rollers but is perfect for protecting your privacy while letting some of that lovely natural light into your home.

So instead of spending hours scrubbing clean your curtains only to find they’ve gone mouldy from the damp, try one of our blinds for kitchens and save yourself some hassle!


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