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August 18th, 2009 in Trends

Mark blogged last week about the Blinds 2go blog being iPhone optimised. We do love our iPhone at Blinds 2go. I took a trip to France last week, (thank you to Mark and Ian for all the blogging in my absence). I confess I checked the blog each and every day on my iPhone……um, am I sad? Unfortunately the blogging inspiration was a little thin on the ground in France; the French are very big on window shutters, which were often lovely, but (horror), are then teamed with some ratty nets, no, no no!

What to blog about then on my return? Cue tenuous link, iPhone covers. I happened across the cutest iPhone covers on a blog that I love, Jars of cute. Knitted iPhone rat covers!


Not to everyone’s cup of tea and not entirely practical either, so here’s some covers that are equally stylish and fun but just a touch more functional. I can really recommend the Switcheasy colours case, the jelly button is truly innovative. My cover’s in bright fuschia but I feel the viola would be more in keeping with the Blinds 2go purple themed office!

justSwitchEasy CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G Protective Shockproof Case_A_SS-2chocolate-iphone-cover

SwitchEasy Colours Case for iPhone 3G_A_SS-18413-SFXGharrington_slider-detail-back


It’s good to be back!

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