Spring Cleaning 101: Squeegees for Pet Hair

March 26th, 2014 in Home Improvement

Animal lovers everywhere will love our latest spring cleaning tip to help you spruce up your home for the new season.

Having pets has many perks; companionship, fun and lots of love. It also has its downsides, walks in the rain (try a coat rack as a shoe stand), poop a scoops and mound upon mound of pet hair.

Depending on the type of covering you have, pet hair can be a minor inconvenience or an arduous battle between you and your floor. Vacuuming hair from a thick rug or carpet can take hours.

Not to worry, all you need to save yourself from a strenuous task is a simple squeegee. Make sure it’s dry, then just run it along your carpet and the hair will come right up with very little effort at all.

That leaves you lots more time to go around the garden transforming your lawn from a minefield to a sanctuary.


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