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May 27th, 2014 in Home Improvement

Summer is finally here (even if the weather doesn’t quite believe it yet) and it’s time to get outside and fall in love with your garden again.

Whether you’re planning on sunbathing the weekends away or throwing a family barbecue to bring everyone together, we’ve discovered a great little way to glam up your garden by using ribbons.


Try creating one of these ribbon chandeliers using an embroidery hoop by simply tying the ribbons around the hoop and letting them hang- you can cut them to any length you like, or have them cut at different lengths for a chopped, funky design. Chairs

You don’t need to stop at making your own chandeliers either- why not try to incorporate ribbons on to your garden furniture? If you have an old patio set that you want to spruce up for a garden party, you can loop the ribbons over the backs of the chairs, giving them a vibrant splash of colour.Tent

If there’s an area of your garden that the kids particularly like, try making a ribbon tent for them to play in. They’ll love the bright, colourful ribbons around them and you’ll still be able to keep an eye on them as they play.Tree

Ribbons can also be used later in the year, when the leaves have fallen from the trees- try brightening up one of your saplings by tying the ribbons around the branches. Colour coordinate them so you get a beautiful tree blooming in all your favourite colours!Chandelier

The ribbons don’t have to be exclusive to the garden either. Bring them inside to make party decorations or add a unique decoration to your room.

Why not give it a go? Let your creativity take over and see what wonderful creations you can make!

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