Rest Easy with a Free Upgrade to Blackout

May 7th, 2014 in Exclusives

Is the summer sun disturbing your slumber? We all love light nights. It means freshly cut grass, birds cheeping in the trees and barbecues in the back garden that continue long into the evenings.

Amidst all those fun and frolics, it’s still just as important that you get enough sleep, so you can feel fresh as a daisy the next day. Unfortunately, the sun likes to burn its candles at both ends and rises much earlier than you’d like.

Then, like the sneaky cat burglar it is, it creeps through your windows and smothers you in light. The end result? A lie in is a complete write off. You’re up and destined to spend the rest of the day bleary eyed and zombified.

Well, for every sneaky cat burglar there needs to be a super hero. Blinds 2go to the rescue!

To kick off the summer, for a limited time we’re offering a completely free upgrade to blackout lining on selected romans, rollers and curtains. On top of that, we’re offering huge discounts on some of your favourite blackout fabrics, including 20% off our fabulous Duoshade blinds!

So rest easy this summer and get the sleep you deserve with massive savings on all things blackout at Blinds 2go.



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4 thoughts on “Rest Easy with a Free Upgrade to Blackout

  1. You say that for the whole summer “we’re offering a completely free upgrade to blackout lining on selected romans, rollers and curtains” – could you please tell me which curtains are included in this offer. Thanks.

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