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September 10th, 2009 in The Best of the Rest

We do try and be nice to all our staff, it’s not always possible especially with some of the staff we have 🙂

One of our latest “innovations” is the reading corner where we encourage everyone to read for an hour a week, on company time but we choose the books which sounds about fair. Now we wouldn’t want you to think we are throwing money around, after all our business is all about delivering fantastic value to you our customer and splashing money around wouldn’t help that aim. So what we did was buy a couple of plain lazy giant bean bags [in Purple obviously] and commandeered a corner in reception. Simple, quick, inexpensive and effective…ticks all the Blinds 2go requirements.

plain lazy giant bean bag

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2 thoughts on “Reading Corner :: Plain Lazy Giant Bean Bag

  1. Fantastic. This is a perfect approach to encouraging staff to take time out, yet become more productive in doing so.

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